Passionate about languages and pedagogy since my school years -and just as passionate musician, which helps me a lot in my work as a language trainer- I've devoted my professional time to train people in learning English and French since 1998, of all levels and projects, from all professional backgrounds.

My training course:

    English Studies LCE.
    Bachelor of Education.
    During my studies in 1992, I met for the first time the works, writings and teaching techniques of Dr. Gattegno at the New School of Dijon, founded by Danielle Paquet-François.
    I decided to attend several training seminars in Paris and Besançon, organized by UEPD (Une Education Pour Demain) ; among others:

    What is Silent Way?
    The principle of 'subordinating teaching to learning'.
    "Man as energy": Self, psychics and affectivity.
    The role of sleep in learning.
    On memory and retention (Roslyn Young).
    The grammar tools in colour (Maurice Laurent).
    Literacy / French as a Foreign Language. (Suzanne Lachaise / Christian Duquesne).
    The English verbal system (Glenys Hanson) and the issue of English tenses.
    The English pronunciation (Roslyn Young / Piers Messum)

    in 1998, I began a thorough training in the subordination of teaching to learning led by Christian Duquesne (140h).

Since then, my meetings and my various teaching experience and training in France and abroad have only strengthened my conviction in the relevance of the educational solutions proposed by Caleb GATTEGNO, summarized in the principle of "subordination of teaching to learning " : the role of the teacher is not to transmit knowledge but to guide the learner in successive awarenesses leading to mastery.

Today freelance Silent Way trainer (Gattegno's pedagogy applied to modern languages), I am a member of the Lyon network DCPA (Des Chemins Pour Apprendre “Ways To Learn”) and ASTER FORMATION, that unite professionals trained in the approach of C. Gattegno around Lyon.

 This network is of course open to anyone interested in the act of learning and the subordination of teaching to learning.

I carry on with my own vocational education in regular educational exchange and research sessions.

Father of two, I also admit to a fondness for jazz-rock, 'artisan' nougat and Earl Grey tea!


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